About Us

Top Gun trains student athletes, many of which will continue their careers at major universities across the United States.

Most Top Gun coaches recruit student-athletes for their college and university teams and they understand how to prepare these student-athletes for the recruiting/scholarship offer process.

Our goal at Top Gun is to promote the development of positive, lifelong character traits including sportsmanship, leadership, and self-confidence. We are committed to our players.

Top Gun takes great pride in their success and we look forward to bright futures for those athletes who have walked through our doors.

We regularly survey parents of club volleyball players asking them, “What 3 things about club volleyball are most important to you?” The overwhelming responses are, in order:

  1. More Playing Time
  2. Competent and Responsive Coaches
  3. Realistic and Reasonable Fees

We strive to accommodate player and parent needs.

To effectively manage playing-time, we divide our teams into competitive and instructional.

The instructional team places emphasis on even playing-time amongst the players while a competitive team places emphasis on winning! In so doing, players compete against other players with equal skills and gain the experience they need to advance their game to the next level.

Our coaches are the best at what they do.  Most of our coaches are career volleyball coaches at nearby high schools, colleges and universities. Top Gun coaches are approachable and they work with the parents and players to ensure that the player’s club experience is worthwhile and enjoyable.

In addition to our regular coaching staff, Top Gun has floater coaches that are available to provide one-on-one and small-group skills training, at no extra cost.

We also have a parent liaison who oversees all club activities and expedites conflict resolution.

Our tuition fee is very reasonable especially when compared to other volleyball clubs in area.

We take a practical approach to attending extra tournaments and always give the player’s family the final word when it comes to travel expenses.

Overall, Top Gun is about players, mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers… family.  We encourage you to think of Top Gun as an extension of your family.

We promise you a safe, wholesome environment that is conducive to personal growth and team success.

If you need anything from us please contact us at topgun@topgunvolleyball.net