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Why Is Sand Volleyball So Popular In The Olympics?

Some people might be wondering why sand volleyball has become an important and popular part of the Olympics in recent years. Some people might even feel frustrated that this has become such a popular sport because they do not see it as fitting in with the other athletic sports of the Olympics. But if someone asks me, I would say that volleyball has become so popular because people are finally seeing that it is just as hard to play as any other sport. It is a fun sport to watch, too, and I think it’s great that more people are falling in love with this sport.

Sand volleyball started to gain popularity when Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings began to play. These two American girls showed everyone how volleyball can and should be played. They had many wins through the years, and they became names that everyone knew. Before them, people just did not have too much of an interest in volleyball. But now, thanks to these two incredible athletes, people have started to take notice of sand volleyball. They see that it is more than just a sport where girls dress in bikinis and get on what looks like a beach, but that it actually takes real talent to win.

I watched as these woman played in the 2012 games, and I saw them win. It was an amazing and inspiring thing to see two woman get out there and do what they were made to do. And I think that is why sand volleyball has become so important and popular to everyone. When they see woman like these two playing the sport, they know that they can do anything that they want to do in their own lives. Men and women alike are inspired by Misty and Kerri because they see the determination that this pair has always shown to win. And not only that, but the teamwork that they have shown throughout their time in the Olympics, as well.

So, while some may believe that sand volleyball has no place in the Olympics, I have to disagree. It has started to take on popularity because of the ones who are playing the sport. They have inspired everyone, and they have shown that sand volleyball is something to be taken seriously. Anyone who is any kind of a sports fan should follow it closely. They should see the athleticism that all of those who play the sport need to show, and they should feel inspired by them.

Sand volleyball has been shown on TV a lot lately, and it is deserving of all of the airtime that it gets. Every year that sand volleyball is part of the Olympics it should be shown because it is such a good and catching sport. More and more people are becoming fans of it because of all of the great things that those who play volleyball have done at the Olympics, and it is a sport that I believe is not going to go away or lose its momentum anytime soon.

The Top Gun Volleyball Scene

Top Gun Volleyball

What is the most memorable volleyball scene in movie history?  I would have to say it belongs to Ice Man and Slider taking on Goose and Maverick in Top Gun.

Just four dudes who happen to take off their shirts and play a little sand volleyball in the hot California sun.  Not only that, but a bunch of random guys are sitting around watching.  Sounds normal.

You are also led to believe that Maverick can hold his own out there despite Tom Cruise being nothing more than a hobbit.

I wouldn’t give Goose and Mav that good of a chance of beating Ice Man and Slider.

And you have to factor in Maverick’s mindset.  How focused is he on setting Goose when he’s about to go see some hottie for their first date.

He must not have thought ahead.  He’s riding a motorcyle.  Where can he put the change of clothes after he sweats it up?  No problem he says, I’ll just rip this shirt off and that will keep it clean.

And why no shorts?  Seriously, the way these guys are dripping sweat it’s 90 degrees out there.  Why do you even own a pair of jeans out there?

This just shows how bad ass Maverick is.  Not only is he one of the best pilots the United States has to offer but he knows he can wear anything he wants over to Charlie’s place and still take her breathe away.

Why is Wrangler using Dale Earnhardt Jr and Brett Favre when this could be the best spokesperson of all time?  Yeah, I wrote Wranglers playing sand volleyball and kicked ass.  Then I hopped on my bike and went over to bang my boss.  If I saw an ad like that you bet I would hop on over to my local Wal-Mart and pick myself up a pair of Wranglers.